We understand big data - both the volume and velocity of it. We have helped organizations - small (1M+ revenue) and large (1B+ revenue) - in managing and making sense of data originating from their customers as well as their machines.

Send With SES focuses on speed, simplicity, and ease of use. Our team can help design a customer data and communication strategy your CMO would love, without upsetting your CFO.

We don't just setup your account so you can start blasting millions of emails. That's a recipe for disaster. If that's all you want, we prefer not working with you.

We prefer to audit your current messaging systems and processes. We then map the risks in your message delivery chain and develop strategies for better inbox placement. Then we slowly 'warm-up' your account - a process that can last a few weeks - before fully switching over. We also help design email templates that better suit your brands needs.

We do not work in isolation. Throughout the process we insist that we work alongside your marketing teams. The result is that your teams get hands on training that can last them forever. Our engagement does not end here. We give you a 'Dedicated Account Manager'. This is a person who has ongoing context about your brand and your business. They will be your first point of contact for everything related to Send With SES.

Our Enterprise Plan comes with a 99.95% uptime and zero data loss SLA.

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