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Send With SES versus Pinpoint

Send With SES and AWS Pinpoint are like fraternal twins to the extent that both rely on the same core infrastructure to deliver messages - mainly AWS SES, and AWS SNS.

You can send Emails, SMS, Push Notifications with both Send With SES and AWS Pinpoint. But it's pretty cumbersome to do so with Pinpoint. You have to read (and understand) a lot of documentation and wrangle a lot of code and you would have just scratched the surface. That's not all. AWS has rolled out Pinpoint with an some monsters to deal with. First, Pinpoint can get needlessly expensive as it charges $0.0012 per customer tracked. Second, the Pinpoint Deliverability Dashboard (a sort of UI to see things like delivery metrics, bounce notifications, etc.) costs $1250 per month — SERIOUSLY — a huge charge for something that should have been a basic requirement. This rules out Pinpoint for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s).

Send With SES was created to solve exactly this problem. Send With SES handles all the complex integrations with SES, SNS, SMS, SQS, Cloudwatch, S3, etc and gives you a ready-made solution to start sending messages - all in about 15 minutes flat. Plus you get all the functionality of the Deliverability Dashboard included at no additional cost.

But that's not all. Send With SES is a full fledged 'Customer Data' platform. You can store huge amounts of contacts and contact metadata that you can analyse in multiple ways to generate valuable intelligence about your customers. And to top it, Send With SES has features like 'Team Inboxes' and 'Live Chat' for customer support. Beat that!

Send With SES focuses on speed, simplicity, and ease of use. Our team has built systems that handle billions of data points every day with four nines (99.99) availability. We applied much of that learning to Send With SES. Send With SES is designed to scale massively and be highly available at the same time. Send With SES should be your choice if you crave speed, simplicity, ease of use.

Here's a little table that compares Send With SES and Pinpoint.

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