Old Plans (Defunct)

USD 0/- Month

Contacts - Unlimited

Emails - 15,000

SMS - 100

Team Inbox

1 Team Member

1 GB Storage

Stream Rate - 60 reqs/min

USD 15/- Month

Contacts - Unlimited

Emails - 100,000

SMS - 100,000

Team Inbox

3 Team Members

15 GB Storage

Stream Rate - 300 reqs/min

USD 150/- Month

Contacts - Unlimited

Emails - 1 Million

SMS - 1 Million

Team Inbox

15 Team Members

150 GB Storage

Stream Rate - 1800 reqs/min

USD 500/- Month

Contacts - Unlimited

Emails - 5 Million

SMS - 5 Million

Team Inbox

50 Team Members

500 GB Storage

Stream Rate - 6K reqs/min

Extra Large
USD 2500/- Month

Contacts - Unlimited

Emails - Unlimted

SMS - Unlimited

Team Inbox

500 Team Members

5 TB Storage

Stream Rate - 60K reqs/min

Dedicated Account Manager

AWS Charges Extra. Billed directly by AWS.
All prices exclusive of applicable taxes.

Price Calculator

These plans were valid from Jan-2018 to Feb-2024.
This section is retained for posterity.
Our new pricing is significantly simpler and lower.

Anti-Abuse, Billing and Refund Policy

  1. Billing Cycle: Your billing cycle starts on the day you signed up for a paid plan and renews monthly. Plan usage limits are reset on this day.

  2. Automatic Billing: Your card details are securely stored with with our payment processors (currently Stripe) and your card is automatically billed every month as per your plan charges.

  3. Moving from Free to Paid Plan: Your card is immediately charged as per the plan amount.

  4. Moving from Low to High Priced Plan: Prorated balance from the Low Price Plan if any is deducted from the High Price Plan and the balance is charged immediately to your card.

  5. Moving from High to Low Priced Plan: Prorated balance from the High Price Plan if any will be adjusted towards the Low Price Plan subject to meeting conditions in Points 8 & 9 below.

  6. Moving from a Paid to Free Plan: Your Paid Plan will be converted to the Free Plan at the end of the current billing cycle and you will no longer be billed. All privileges of the Paid Plan will continue for the duration of the plan.

  7. No longer using Send With SES? Switch to the Free Plan if you are paying for but no longer wish to use Send With SES. Your paid plan will be converted to the free plan at the end of the current billing cycle and you will no longer be billed. Please write to [email protected] to completely delete your account and all associated data.

  8. PLAN ABUSE: You will not be refunded if you switch to a High Priced Plan, send more than 1,000 emails, and then switch back to a Low Priced or Free Plan.

  9. USAGE ABUSE: Send With SES is mainly intended for sending transactional emails and sms. Accounts that use it mainly for marketing related communications will be banned without prior intimation.

  10. SPAM SENDERS: You will not be refunded if your account is marked as a Spammer (Bounce + Unsubscribe + Complaint Rate >= 5%).

Billing Support: [email protected]
Legal Billing Entity: Kepler Data Science PTE. LTD.
Your bank will mention Send With SES or SWSES or SEND.W.SES in your billing statement.