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Send With SES versus Sendy

Send With SES is a full fledged customer data and communication platform. You can send emails, sms, and push notifications with Send With SES. In addition you have features like 'Team Inboxes' and 'Live Chat' for customer support. Sendy is designed only for sending emails.

Send With SES is available as a service (SaaS). You just signup and start using it. With Sendy, you have to buy a license and host and manage and scale Sendy on your own servers.

Send With SES focuses on speed, simplicity, and ease of use. Our team has built systems that handle billions of data points every day with four nines (99.99) availability. We applied much of that learning to Send With SES. Send With SES is designed to scale massively and be highly available at the same time. Send With SES should be your choice if you crave speed, simplicity, ease of use, and, do not want to wrangle with servers.

You should use Sendy if you just want to send emails. With a bit of technical know-how on how to set up a servers, you should be up and running Sendy within a couple of hours. Just make sure you use a reliable hosting provider and a decent server size if you plan to send more than 5,000 emails in a single blast.

Send With SES will always cost lesser than Sendy if you account for Sendy servers and your time spent on upkeep of those servers.

Here's a little table that compares Send With SES and Sendy.

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