What can Send With SES do for you?

When a user signs-up on your web or mobile app, you insert their details (name, email, number, etc.) into Send With SES. Thereafter any action done by that user can be inserted and tracked in Send With SES. For example if a user adds 'red shirt' to their wish-list, you attach the tag 'red shirt' to that user. All of this is done using the 'Send With SES Contacts API'.

You can then filter your users using a combination of tags to send targeted messages (Emails, SMS, OTP's).

Messages can be sent manually via the dashboard or programmatically by calling the API or by using workflow rules. For example you can trigger a workflow as soon as a particular tag is added to a contact.

Send With SES integrates with your own AWS account to send messages. Why? Because AWS is unbeatable in terms of cost and message reliability.


"If your requirement is to send Emails, SMS, OTP's to your users, then Send With SES is unbeatable in terms of ease of use, cost, and message deliverability."

Here are some FAQ's that might help !

Describe Send With SES in one sentence.

Send With SES makes it easy to store and understand all your user data and send them targeted messages (emails, sms, otp's, push notifications, support tickets).

What tools does Send With SES replace?

Send With SES has three core modules. Here's what they replace.

It is important to note that the primary goal of Send With SES is to cut the cost and complexity of similar tools. It is by no means a feature-by-feature replication of the tools it might replace.

How scalable is Send With SES?

Send With SES operates on a globally distributed and scalable server infrastructure allowing it to handle very high concurrent message traffic. Our back-end infrastructure spreads across three clouds (AWS, GCP, Cloudflare) and is designed for >=99.95% uptimes.

Should I switch to Send With SES?

Send With SES adheres to a minimal agenda which focuses on a few core features done really well. You should not switch to Send With SES if you have lots of 'edge-case' requirements and you should definitely not switch to Send With SES just because of it's low cost. If something is working for you don't change it.

When can I not use Send With SES?

Send With SES integrates with your own AWS account to send Emails and SMS. Opening an AWS account is free and AWS's simple email service is unbeatable in terms of cost and reliability. As of now you cannot use Send With SES without an AWS integration via the IAM Full Access Role. Why?

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'Minimal Product Philosophy'.