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Send With SES versus Intercom

Send With SES and Intercom achieve more or less the same. Intercom is a nice-to-have product if you have the money to pay for it. Not any longer. Send With SES can do for you whatever you want Intercom to do for you - in a much easier way and at a very low price.

Both Send With SES and Intercom allow you send emails, sms, and push notifications. Both have features like 'Team Inboxes' and 'Live Chat' for customer support. Where Send With SES shines is its 'Signals Intelligence' feature that allows you to attach millions or billions of signals to your contacts and generate your own intelligence.

Send With SES comes with unlimited contacts. Adding more contacts to Intercom is as good as burning money. It's like Intercom is increasing your rent as you work hard to get more customers.

Send With SES focuses on speed, simplicity, and ease of use. Our team has built systems that handle billions of data points every day with four nines (99.99) availability. We applied much of that learning to Send With SES. Send With SES is designed to scale massively and be highly available at the same time. Send With SES should be your choice if you crave speed, simplicity, ease of use.

It's easy to switch from Intercom to Send With SES. Just export your contacts from Intercom and import them to Send With SES.

Send With SES will always cost way much lesser than Intercom while providing the same functionality and message deliverability rates.

Here's a little table that compares Send With SES and Intercom.

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